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Well, I finished printing my R2 body, but I have to stop for a while. I need to sand a lot and I cannot do this inside my house, so I must wait for spring to come to be able to complete the body and finally paint it.

In the while I wished to print something anyway and I decided to design a fusion furnace (what's a droid without a recharging unit anyway...  Tongue ).
After several days of research and measurements from photos and movie frames I got something that I like.
I am still in the developing stage, but I think that soon I could be able to share the parts for everyone.

Just worked on the top. Only little sanding and some hole fixing before the final paint step. The coil is just a test to get a good length for the wire. For the finished model I will use 1mm copper wire (about 1m for every coil). The rest of the furnace is still to be sanded.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1423]

The top is becoming quite nice. The heatsinks are not completely placed as in the end they should be fully inserted, but you can already spot what the top would be when finished. Still missing the connectors for the clear tubes that will go to te bottom of the model.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1422]

Here is the bottom where you can see the black tubes already in place and the holes where the clear tubes will be inserted. Also the translucent screen can be spotted. This screen is just an empty cylinder of white abs. It's quite thin (less than 1mm), so the light inside can be spread. I will test it the future. Alternatively a transparent filament can be used instead of the white one.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1424]

The final model could be printed well in a printer with a print volume comparable to a Prusa MK2S (biggest part is about 18cm diameter and max height is about 15cm). Of course parts can be splitted or, if you can print bigger parts, it's possible to join the splitted parts to print them in one piece with better quality.

The only real difference between my model and the furnace seen in ep.V on Dagobah is the cable. In the movie it seems to come from somewhere in the top. I decided insted to place two connectors in the base (they are visible in the last photo). My idea was to use one of them to get the current from a power supply and the other one to connect the furnace to the droid. 
Another idea could be to replace one of the connectors with a small pushbutton switch and use the other one to connect the droid. In this case you need a battery inside the funace of course and surely you cannot use it to really recharge your R2.

Every comment than can help to improve this  model is surely welcome!  Smile

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Looks great! Looks like you could put lights ini it and maybe a speaker for sound.

Great job!
It would be cool for charging R2.

I'm just looking for the STL files.
Where can I get the STL files?
Looks amazing. Definitely on my list to build.

I made a post in my R2 building blog to show some progress building the furnace. Not too far from the end, but still need a bit of work.
The direct link is but of course you can reach the blog also by clicking the link in my signature.

I hope to complete this model quite soon. As soon as it's finished, as promised I will share all the stl parts.
(03-29-2018, 01:09 PM)mascal Wrote: What's the purpose of an interface arm, if you do not have a computer socket?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=366]
What's the purpose of having a computer socket, if you don't have the death star its attached too?
When you have the model to the lifesize Death Star, please share stl files... I want to be the first to print it.  ;0)
I completed the fusion furnace and also put the models on thingiverse. Instructions are on my blog.

[Image: IMG_3369.JPEG]

Here the links:

Hope you like it!

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