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My 3D Printed Body/Legs
I’ll check when I get home. It was given to me as a gift about a year ago. Until now I didn’t really think it was anything more than a toy. It does have settings for PLA and ABS. The ABS setting is hot enough to melt PETG (which is what I using for my droid). However, it only uses 1.75 mm filament and my printers use 3mm filament. So, I used the smaller 1.75 mm ABS filament that came with the pen and it seems to do a nice job filling the bigger gaps and is quite easy to file/sand.

I looked at getting a better one, now that I found the pen useful. But, I decided the one I had was adequate for the small amount of work I needed to use it for.

This is similar to the second one I purchased.
I have worn one out between two Inmoov series robots and an R2D2, I've used mine quite alot.

It's cheap, but most importantly, it works.
They do tend to over heat after a bit of use, so you do need to give them a break from time to time.

If you take your time and allow the tip to penetrate well, you will get a very strong join.
As a tip, and joint more than 10mm thick, back it up with glue in the middle.
Avoid putting glue where your welding as the fumes can be pretty bad and reduce the strength of the weld.

Regards, Ray

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