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And so it begings.
I'm having flash back to my BB-8 build where you start off and think this will never get done.    The print bed was not even cool from my very large project, full scale K2SO, before I started on my R2 unit.  Files for K2SO can be found here.

All photos for this build, can be found on my Flickr page via my R2D2 gallery

I'm printing via 3 printers:
- Makerbot 5th Gen, small non-visible parts
- CR-10, only major mod is a duel Z bracket.  I've also added an extruder cover and brackets to mount filament on top of Z bridge
- CR-10S, factory stock other then the extruder cover and brackets to mount filament on top of Z bridge (currently setting this one up)

Calibrating the new printers, I run these custom STLs one at a time to level by hand each corner and then the center.

[Image: 39338977962_aece07eb00_b.jpg]

Original printer banging out dome pieces.

[Image: 38660898324_507e50ab84_b.jpg]

Starting on the dome and larger prints to try and get those out of the way.   So far I have thee dome peaces and several small dome accessories (trying to eat up as much filament on each roll before having to swap them out.

Stocking up on parts

[Image: 24470400567_de53e4202a_b.jpg]

[Image: 38457054855_bd0b82e6ea_b.jpg]

[Image: 39305194632_9672643628_b.jpg]

[Image: 24470400207_534a3a3e4b_b.jpg]

test fitting and motivation

[Image: 39338977332_5aa4c931db_b.jpg]
Feels so good to have a second printer up and running.  Here is a shot of Dome6 printing while the other printer is working on Dome5.  This will be a big milestone for me as it shows some good progress.   Trying to cram in as much printing as possible before my first 2018 buisness trip the second week of Jan.

[Image: 39358975992_dde9fa867a_b.jpg]
Nice! Just finished up Dome 4 yesterday, myself. Look forward to seeing more of your progress.
Love the k2so! Where did you find files for that?
Thanks, I thought I put them in the first post but fogot. Added link but here it is again.
All 3 printers fired up and running 24/7

[Image: 26963346558_affb65742f_b.jpg]

[Image: 26963345808_e4202b3ce5_b.jpg]

[Image: 40833279261_78ec118a5e_b.jpg]
I would recommend getting Octoprint running on your printers. It’s a free program that runs on a Raspberry Pi. It allows you to track filament use and you can add an endstop switch so your printer can pause the print when the filament runs out. That way you can use all the filament in a roll. Before I added OctoPrint, it was a constant challenge to manage partial spools to match print usage and babysit the printer when the filament remaining was questionable.

Setup is easy, you can get one running in under an hour.
thanks Eebel, very familiar with Octoprint/Rasberry Pi's.
(01-02-2018, 01:07 AM)rudedog Wrote: Thanks, I thought I put them in the first post but fogot.  Added link but here it is again.

What percentage scaled up did you print your at as the files are tiny in standard size?
Let me check my notes.

Head files printed at 4250%
Rest of the files printed at 370%


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