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Update from Atlanta, GA
I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been a member of this site for just about 9 months now, and while I've asked several questions (and received great feedback) I have yet to post photos of my build.  Partially because I spend most of my free time building instead of posting, but mostly because I'm just lazy.

First, a bit of history on my build.  I've been printing off-and-on now for about 6 months with my single Prusa MK3.  The first 3 months were filled with ordering/assembling my printer and enclosure.  R2 is my first printed project.  Not sure why I always feel the need to jump into any new hobby with insanely complex projects first.  But hey, that's what I've always done so I didn't see any reason to change that here.  I wanted to learn about cars a while back, so my daughter and I spent 3 years building a '65 Shelby Cobra replica.  My printer is in the IKEA enclosure from Prusa, and everything, except for various bits in nylon or flex, is being printed in ABS and acetone welded.  I also built a small ventilated paint booth so I could prime/paint during the colder months (not many here in Georgia, but there are a few).

When I began, the goal I set for myself was to complete the exterior shell of R2 by the end of May.  Primarily to show off to family arriving for my kids' high school graduation, but also as an intermediate goal toward completing the electronics by Halloween 2019.  I have found that without goals and deadlines my projects tend to languish.  I have also found that if I don't at least do something each day (sometimes as little as just staring), then my projects suffer the same fate.  My build is based on Version 2.  I was pretty far along when Version 3 parts started showing up, so my plan is to complete the build with Version 2 and then start updating various parts, such as foot drives and omniwheels, as time allows after completion.

So, here are a few photos of my work area and R2-to-date.  He's not perfect, but I figured the weathering I intend to apply will cover any imperfections.  I have taken hundreds of progress photos, but won't bore you with those since everybody here probably has a pretty good idea of what progress photos look like.  Of course, I will post if anybody has a specific question or I feel I might have something that might help somebody else as I read through other's posts.

Hopefully these links work, as it's my first attempt to post photos:




Looks amazing! I haven't documented my build either. Been printing on and off since October, But in east coast Canada I could be waiting a while for weather to do bodywork and paint.

You did a great job with the finish work. Thanks for the inspiration.

Looking great! I'm 95% painted and currently working on my electronics.

We must have similar ideas for good starter projects! I finished my Cobra 10 years ago and it was my fist car project and R2 was my first 3d printing project.

[Image: 47416436071_7da4a0e96d_c.jpg]

[Image: 47363679522_2ccdf5fffe_c.jpg]

[Image: 32474431247_ff29522cb6_c.jpg]

[Image: 46693270534_0a4bd2953c_c.jpg]

I live in Lancaster, Pa but I went to college in Savannah. Do you have any pics of your Cobra?

I wish my printer could print that , The cobra that is.
Beautiful car!  Seems we've taken very similar paths to R2.  Looks like we both built Factory Fives.  And it looks like we both like to dive into the deep end of the pool on any new hobby!  Digging through all my photos I just realized I don't have any great shots of the engine, but here's what I could dig up.  Guess I need to get out for some better photos....not that I need much of an excuse.  "Can you go get a gallon of milk?" is usually all it takes.  Smile

Awesome work on the cars and the droid!

New Progress update:

Well, I met my goal of having the exterior completed by the time family arrived at the end of may for my kids's graduation!  I'm even a few weeks ahead, as I've begun initial wiring for power distribution and the MarcDuino dome controls.  Still not sure about the motion control stuff, but I did find out during our graduation open house that the the dad of one of my daughter's friends is an electrical engineer.  He was very excited to see R2, and offered to help me figure it all out.  Pulling the trigger on weathering was nerve wracking, but I recently trooped at a 501st event (TK41871) with two R2 units which provided my moment of clarity.  One was pristine, and the other weathered.  I loved them both, but my eye constantly gravitated toward the weathered droid as the one my 7-year-old self remembers from Star Wars.  Wasn't sure when Dirty Down was going to be available, so I went ahead and did my weathering the old fashioned way.  Washes of different colors, dry brushing, spattering, and lots of dabbing with paper towels, etc...  The good news is that the acrylics I used can be cleaned off pretty well if I feel I went too far in a few areas.  Still working on the dome at this point, but I'm pretty happy with the body.  My strategy for alleviating "weathering fright" is:  put on one color, put it away and sleep on it.  Do another color the next day and/or dab away what I didn't like from the previous day, put it away and sleep on it.  Repeat.    Mine's a bit dirtier than some I've seen, but I was kind of going for the "i'm an adventurous kind of guy" look.  And I can always step it back if I change my mind down the road. The thing I loved most about R2 is that he never shied away from from throwing himself into situations in which he clearly didn't belong.  Which is why he and 3PO were my favorite "odd couple" from the movie!

I've edited my original post with a link to a shared Google Photo Album.  I hope this works, because for the life of me I can't remember how I posted pictures earlier in this thread!
no pics at this end :< , not sure how you attached them
(06-04-2019, 11:27 PM)phul007 Wrote: no pics at this end :< , not sure how you attached them

Hmmm, let me try it again.  I tried inserting links to my Google Photos account.  I'll just do it the old fashioned way and drop them directly into the post.
Love the weathering. That is a good looking droid.

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