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Yes or no, are they worth the money and do they work.

Always looking to improve my prints and these come up now and again.

Are they black magic or another waste of time.

Hmm, I've never heard of the product before. I imagine they are like putting sawdust in your transmission to keep it running a little while longer. If you have a "loose" printer setup, they might help. However, my opinion is that they won't do much if your printer is rigid and the belts and such are properly tensioned.

I have no empirical data to base my opinion on though. Maybe you could do an experiment with an XYZ calibration cube and let us know.

The TL smoother's work by reducing the initial current toe stepper motors use.
Not recommended if you have Trinamic drivers like the TMC2130 at all.
The idea behind them is to reduce the shock on the system created by the stepper motor as it tries to position it self to the steps.
There are a number of reviews on YouTube on these devices with mixed responses.
In general, if your system is rock solid and has little back lash, that don't give you much if any improvement.
If however your system has a small amount of slop as result if springy parts, normally seen as ringing, then they may help.

So reviews suggest that in solid systems, such as ball screw drive systems, they can make the ringing worse.
They do reduce the noise of the stepper motors, but at the expense of the accuracy of the system in solid equipment.

Hope that helps.
I have considered them for my cheap CTC printer, but would not even think about it for my Cocoon Create Touch.

I tried some cheap ones that plug in between the drivers and the board (not between the board and motors like the ones you posted). Unfortunately the pins where too thin and did not make good contact with the sockets on the board, so did not work properly (in fact I think they blew up some of my drivers).
Yeah I assumed they were black magic things, after reading a lot of research they are hit and miss thing.
So I let other people fight with them and get back to printing.
I just finished replacing the CR10s board with a SKR 1.3 and 2209 drivers, and man, what a difference.
The printer is so silent, that I keep thinking it hasn't started moving. The only thing I can hear is the hot-end fan.
Finally got rid of my layer shift issue as well, and all up the cost was under $50. Best money I've spent on the thing, and it was easy to do.

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