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A quick apology...
... for not being on the ball behind the scenes on the site for the last few months.

I left my job of 18 years last November and have been in crackdown mode earning certifications for creating solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS) since then.

Passed my third cert in just over 90 days last Monday, which seems to have stirred up a bunch of interest in my resume - so hopefully soon, it will all pay off!

It also didn't help that I messed up and put the server on too tight of lockdown which caused email to stop going out for, which I was not aware of for over a month.

For the people that have requested build logs, I will get them created this weekend, again, sorry for the delay.


Grats on getting those certs in such a short time. Good luck on the resume/job route!
No worries! This is, after all, a hobby, and it's expected that life will on occasion step in and demand attention.

Best of luck to you!

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