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Periscope Lifter Project
I’m using this one for the periscope.

Ummm, this idea has been forming for a while, but, what if the stepper motor was mounted in closer to the center of the dome and a belt used to lift the periscope similar to the way a lot of printers move the X carriage?
This will allow the stepper motor to always be clear of other things in the dome.
I had also thought about a double lift system to get extra height for the periscope.

I think you are on the right track with the linear slide.

Someone else had a similar idea, but setup using wooden dowels in a tripple lift system, Periscope, Life detector and Light saber lifter.
The use of the metal rode is a better idea.
Grr, a setback!

It looks like there is too much play in the clearance which is creating too much friction for the stepper to overcome.  I even upgraded to the 12V steppers.  

The good news is I have a working prototype of the periscope rotation device with an integrated slip ring.  I also got that spy camera and I think it will be perfect (well with its limited quality).  The camera is small enough that I think I can mount it so it peeks out one of the 3 mm LED hols that run across the top above the lens.  Or, just outright mount it wherever I want to .  The size is so small onlookers won't even notice.  

The good news is every failure pushes the project forward.  I think I will probably experiment with a belt driven system so I don't have to lie the stepper motor with the periscope.  I will also play with gear ratios and maybe even look at a worm gear solution.  I am getting closer.  I am just not there yet.


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