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Body - Wiring
I'm getting close to having the main body wired. Final hookups for the servos and a few smaller wires to power the 5v systems to go. I also need to figure out the wiring system for the 2-3-2. 

Since my eyes aren't getting younger, I installed four strips to LED lights and wiring them to the 12v bus. They can be turned on by a small toggle switch inside the right frame.

[Image: 46034350934_c34dc63527_c.jpg]

Here are the shoulders and motors for Martyman's 2-3-2 system. Only half of the shoulder parts are in this image. The other half is mounted to the center supports.

[Image: 31817647317_d3f7576cde_c.jpg]

I redesigned my dome and utility arm servo mounts. I also needed to redesign the gripper and data arm servo locations due to interference issues with the 2-3-2 system. This wiring is still rough...

[Image: 31817646937_cf33f545de_c.jpg]

[Image: 31817646667_82dc27c3d0_c.jpg]

This is my removable electronic board. The four LED displays monitor the power levels of the different power buses. One is for the 12v system and one is for the 5v system. The other two monitor the power levels of the two 6s Lipo battery packs and will sound an alarm so I don't discharge the lipo packs to far. (The servo leads in this image are temporarily attached and will connect to the back of this board)

[Image: 46034348584_52ae57683b_c.jpg]

The electronics board also swings open so you can access the back and work on the 2-3-2 system.

[Image: 31817645937_199da96ebe_c.jpg]

The back of the electronic board. I'm still adding wires...

[Image: 46034347394_bf37342d37_c.jpg]

The challenge of wiring for a 2-3-2 system is keeping the wiring out of the way of the center leg lift. The XT-60 connectors in the upper right of this image connect to the main drive motors.

[Image: 31817645287_4a4386e807_c.jpg]

This is a battery tray I designed to hold my two 6s lipo batteries. The balance plugs are wired to the battery monitors on the main board. The switches are there so I can power down the monitors without unplugging the batteries.

[Image: 46034346304_d3dce1b95a_c.jpg]

Batteries installed. Simple cap head bolt with a printed knob holds it all in place, plus the back cover.

[Image: 31817644867_b4954bacc1_c.jpg]

More images...

[Image: 46034345244_96a210858d_c.jpg]

[Image: 46034344884_f0a4dda0c1_c.jpg]
This is looking awesome. Loving your wiring.

I haven't had time to work on my droid since before Christmas.
Way too tidy !!!!! , Great job very jealous.

Wow. With mine I gotta be careful of sticking my hand in there lest I unplug some random thing.
I keep coming back and looking at these images. You have inspired me to get back to work on my droid.

Glad I could help motivate you! We need to figure out the wiring and the Arduino code for the 2-3-2 transitions! Smile I was figuring we need to add a second Arduino because I don't have any more serial out ports on my Mega. Plus, I have an Uno sitting on my desk just looking at me.

I was leaning towards another arduino, possibly also hanging off the serial that controls the syren dome motor driver (and the drive motors if you are using the sabertooth). You could emulate more motor controllers on other addresses but instead of taking in speed control commands you could take position requests. The extra arduino could then drive your shoulder motors and center leg to the required positions.

I was also considering using this technique to emulate a sabertooth for my ODrive brushless controllers.

Of course it would be much simpler to use a simple digital pin to request either two leg or three leg mode from the extra arduino.
(01-16-2019, 04:52 AM)cobra troy Wrote: I redesigned my dome and utility arm servo mounts. I also needed to redesign the gripper and data arm servo locations due to interference issues with the 2-3-2 system. This wiring is still rough...[url=][/url]

I must admit I'm a bit jealous of your wiring and I'm and electrician by trade :-)

I also liked your redesign of the utility arms servo and dome rotator motor mount,
You wouldn't by any chance have uploaded the files anywhere?

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