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Spray puddy ???
Hey all I saw a few references to spray puddy is that the same as high build primer or something totally different ?
Its spray primer with filler in it. Which is different to just primer or putty. There are three types. Best to go with primer/putty as it does both.
That would be like a spray can of filler primer from auto or home depot
In the US it's called filler primer. I've used close to 10 cans from Home Depot.
So it's the basic filler primer at home Depot nothing fancy that's good to know
I found there were two kinds of auto filler/primer from Rustoleum. The first has always been my go to and is found at pretty much every local hardware store in town. It has the usual grey cap and just has Filler Primer on the label. That stuff always felt a little gritty after it dried but I've pretty much always used it. Then one day, while looking for the blue paint at an Autozone store, I found a similar looking can of rustoleum filler primer but it had a different description. It was twice the price but I gave it a shot anyway. It went on much heavier, much smoother, and sanded really nice. It's label says "2-in-1 Filler and Sandable". Unfortunately, I've never found it at any other hardware or automotive store in town and I'm not too keen on paying double the price.

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