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So the torso has a crap lot of sections, my printer/s have a 200x200x180 print space so only a few sections of the shin I had to cut up to fit.

All the torso fitted fine, Instead of gluing the parts together which is a pain even when using 5 minutes epoxy , I went for the plastic weld and then fill with a 3d pen.

It works very quick and is as strong I feel. (depending and how deep you weld the joints)

Any way here a few picture, still a long way to go with filling and painting but you get the idea.

Also the cod piece is removable by magnets (not installed yet) 

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1395]

I put a little name weld just for fun. HEX3d the designer has some a logo on the torso as well. (coming soon!)

Each seem gets filled with pla via a 3d pen , then sanded down and then filled with auto filler, sanded again then spray putty several times and then paint. Oh the fun!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1396]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1397]

It all looks a mess but after you finished sanding and filling it will be as smooth as.

More pic to come soon!!

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I was thinking also about "welding" 3D parts together with a 3D pen.
Was this PLA, ABS or PETG?
For another build I need to join some PETG and I was wondering if a 3D pen that goes to 240°C, is warm enough to be good melting together PETG.

Good luck with the rest of your build.
Yeah its all PLA+ , the pen will do abs but I haven't tried it. The pen goes to 200 degrees for PLA and works well.

You could use a Plastic welder which is more expensive.

Will keep everyone up to date as I have done much more since then.
This has many parts but the torso is ready for paint, as unexpected we have gone from 40 degree heat to 20 degrees and rain , so painting is on hold until it gets better.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1405]

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