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Ironman Build
Hi to all . I have talked to Larry and we have decided that I can post a Ironman Suit build log.
As the suit is a kind of walking computer it falls under the banner.

If anyone is highly opposed just drop me a line.

Anyway. As Mr Braddley is a patreon of mine I also subscribe to Geoffro (he lives about 3 hours north of me in NSW).

Geoffro has many models and has some helmets and a lot of star wars stuff that many of you may be interested in.

his link he below and I have no link or association with him except that I am a patreon of his.

Geoff has released about 50% of the ironsuit which I am turning into a static model. 
if you are interested I will split each section on the suit up and try to explain the build with pictures.
This is not a instruction guide just a flow of what I have done and any changes to the standard suit build.

Any way hope you all enjoy .

[Image: Iron+man+wallpapers+tony+stark+4.jpg]
Geoffro has been a busy beaver over xmas and he has released , arms,shoulders and chest parts so I will be printing for 24/7 for a few weeks.

Lucky I order another 8 kilos of PLA+. The only parts now to be released are helmet,reactor andlights for the hands.

So its full steam ahead.

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