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Hello from Maryland

My name is Terry, I completed my first build a couple years ago. My R2 was built using styrene hand cut from plans downloaded from Astromech. The body and legs are styrene, an aluminum dome, and PVC side foot shells. My R2 has been to 25 events.

My son and I are building a second droid using some of M. Baddely files. (I am also a patreon.)

R7-A2 is more than half finished, but progress slowed last summer due to life events. I have a Prusa Mk3, upgraded from the 2S. I am inspired by other large 3d print designs by Michael and others to the point of ordering the CR10s5 (soon). 

My plans are to 3d print many droids as time and materials permit. Immediate goals are to finish R7, then print 2 or 3 B1 battle droids, K2S0, Gen Grievous. Pit droid, and destroyer droid. Oh, I should also mention I am considering converting my R2 to R5-D4, and printing anothrr R2. 

Big plans... I am all in.
Happy printing!
Welcome! What part of Maryland are you from?

Can you post some pictures?


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