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Electronics for Colin my R2D2
(01-05-2019, 10:57 AM)ExSerCo Wrote: Hey Colin,
We have talked to eachother before about Inmoov.
Can I ask you what brand and type of speakers you're using  connected on the EZB?
Did you need to alter/hack the EZB?
I'm pretty new with electronics and have an EZB 4/2 now, but the sound that is producing with the internal speaker is not really great.
Hi ExSerco
I bought the loudspeakers from Amazon.   I liked the can on the back of them, they are DROK 15watt mini full range 4ohm speakers [Amazon]

I used a TPA3116D2 amplifier, but lots of options available []

I hacked the EZBV4 controller to get a line level output, its fairly easy as the internal solder pads are available on the back of the board.   Both line and speaker level points are available to connect to.  I explained how to do it one one of my InMoov videos and you can also keep the internal loudspeaker working which is usefull on bootup sometimes. [InMoov part-10 here ].

I found on the EZB forum a few specific R2D2 projects with .Wav files for the Droid.  Great to add to the whole control of the robot, example "dbickert" "full sabertooth and syren control with touchpad" on EZB fourm, now   I can email my EZB files if you want a copy.  I have got a basic AI working but still a lot to do. 

Happy New Year
Thank you very much for the time it took responding me.
This is a very nice explanation and video.
Probably I will play it over and over again to understand it completely.
I sure would love your EZB files. Even if not using them, I am sure they would be great to study them.
Hey Colin,

How far are you with programming?
I am in the middle of it... i could use an example Wink
Hi, so sorry I missed this and haven't replied earlier. Email me on and I will send you my EZB file. Kyle

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