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Width through doorways
Does anyone have troubles fitting R2 through doorways?

I have just gotten my droid rolling and even without the foot shells fitted it is a really tight fit through our (admittedly 1860s) doorways. I don't think he will fit with his foot shells on.  Confused

If he doesn't fit once complete it means I will have to carry him sideways through any of the doors in our house.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1285]

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R2D2 will fit through a current standard door.
In Australia that 815mm
In the US 812.5mm
I have pushed mine though a door with the foot shells on no problems, but there isn't much room left either side.
Yeah some of my doors only have 710mm clearance. Sad
gonna have to reduce those cankles on r2 Tongue

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