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Hi From Adelaide South Australia
Giday all

just a quick note.  I am building an R2 for my daughter who is star wars mad.  

will need help with choosing the right electronics but I am intending at this stage to do full flashing indicators in the dome and still thinking about 2-3-2 ability.

I am printing it all on a 3 d printer so it will take a little while as there are lots of bits to print. 

I also build model aircraft so this is a distraction but a good one.

cheers all, any help is always great and happy to reciprocate.

Best Wishes we are here to help.

Hey i am also from Adelaide, i have nearly finished mine and been working on it almost daily(at times) for 10months. feel free to look throught my build log and ask any questions!
i am only just starting. I have printed most of the dome and am starting on the parts for the body.

I saw that you had bought the LED display gizmos from the US was that painless or expensive?


I purchased the teeces lighting kit. But only the pcbs from oshpark (about 35$ and the every other component for about another $100.) If your good at soldering and understand electronics I would say go for it. I'm not that good, but have some experience, and honestly I wish I saved and purchased the assembled kit from Mr fubar on for $400ish as I had that much trouble with it. The Aussie dollar is bad atm too. Also I ended up purchasing just the rear one as I couldn't get it working properly. The psi lights I just used neopixel and an arduino nano. So about 45$ all up and fun to program.
The lights took me a while also but you just need patience of test and solder over and over a few hundred times.
I bought mine from oshpark and the components from the digikey

Check this link out for help

You need to load the software from your pc to the board/andrino to run the lights correctly.

Don't buy any of the chips from ebay or china as they can be fake and unreliable.

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