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BB8 Base nearly done and Head update
Still a few tweaks on the base to do with adding some protective material so it wont scratch BB-8.

Will have to print another for bb-9e not sure how I am going to change the lettering but that's a long way off at this stage.

The head is close but a few fix up on the paint is needed. The orange was created by mixing Yellow and red and then air brushing as this is as close as I can get to the original colour.

Yes that's R2's dome in the background its back in one piece but the skirt is still under repair.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1216]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1217]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1218]

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Nice, I'd be interested to see the Millenium Falcon which is being used to rest the BB8 dome on Smile
I have the Bandai Perfect grade version as well, its all on my list of projects , so many things to do and not enough time
I had to google the Bandai perfect version, wish I hadn't now Sad me wants. I do keep trawling ebay for the De-Agostini Falcon that somebody may have given up building.
Being in Aus I was lucky to buy it from Amazon US before the blockade went up. Got it for about 30% off you pay for it here now.

Not sure where you live (buster44) but Amazon US is blocked from us in AUS so when you try and buy something it sees the address is Australia and redirects you to our crap OZ site which has nothing OR it just says we don't ship to this address.

Also all OS purchases on EBAY get taxed with a 10% GST which goes straight to the government without the seller seeing this.
I know personally my purchases have gone from 20-30 a month to 1-2 as local suppliers are cheaper.

Good for locals but when you need something different or hard to find its impossible and you have to pay through the nose on EBAY now.
ie M3 bolts with an allen key head)

Gone are the days on finding a bargain it all taxes and postage that is killing us.

Sorry to divert your log. Lets get back on track, I need to update mine really, lots done for little R2

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