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Dome Spinning Padawan 360
Got my dome spinning today.
using the padawan 360 sketch. it was a 5 week wait for the syren 10.
i had to change to baude rate in the sketch to 9600 from the default 2400
before the change the dome didnt spin, after worked flawlessly.

will have to reprint the dome gear as its developing a crack. so higher infill and wall thickness.

i will attach 2 videos, one with the electronics out and one with them installed.

nothing is fixed in yet, im still working out a mounting system

im currently runnning everything off an 15A atx power supply.

dome speed is set to 60 out of a total of 127, as any higher and the PSU shuts down from drawing to higher amperage.

Overall im very happy with the first test and cant wait to get my next delivery of PARTS!!!

second video 

really been fun playing with timing on the padawan 360 sketch, DanF has commented everything amazingly and makes it short work to modify the arduino sketch.
The automated mode is very fun.
Looking good! Relatively high infill and 4-5 walls on the dome gear should be good.
Excellent, looking really good.  I need to get my electronics together and finish wiring, this is very inspiring to get the dome working on my R2.   I have bought the parts [batteries, motors and drivers], but not got around to assembling them all. Great videos!

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