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SIte Update
Forum software was updated to latest version. A few issues have been reported (and fixed) already, let me know if you find any more.

This is primarily a bug-fix release, but hopefully image handling is also a little better.

I created an ad free 3DPrintedDroids group on Tapatalk, so you can more easily access the site on your mobile device.

I've also had a few people request it, so I've added a donation button. Donations are totally un-necessary, but any received will go towards monthly site fees.
How much a month does this cost? I'll kick in.

For the (MRL) site, we recently setup a patreon account that a few of us use to help contribute.
In the case of MRL its server cost around US$95 per month.
That include multiple server used not only for the web server, but also the some of the other system hosting used by MRL for downloading the extra services during install.

The site has the donate button, but relies mostly on the sales from it store.
The inmoov site sells hats, t-shirts and nervo boards both kit form and pre-assembled.
The sale aren't that high but do with the donations cover the cost of the web site hosting.

In both cases like this site it is run by dedicated volunteers, whatever method is used, the rules must be followed and we don't want to compete with Michaels patreon page...
We also don't want to add work to the dedicated volunteers running the site, this is supposed to be a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be fun not work.

Not giving any real answers here just trying to add options to the table :-)
I agree, this should be fun. I don't want that fun to end. Interacting with the folks on this site is part of the fun!

(09-05-2018, 08:50 PM)Eebel Wrote: How much a month does this cost?  I'll kick in.


With the tapatalk access, the total cost is like $35 a month. Cost is not an issue, site will go on without any donations.

I've just had a few people ask if they could chip in - I figured this was the easiest way to allow that, if somebody wants to.

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