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Project Notes
Cary's printed skeleton:
Had issues with the nubs that the screws go through breaking - should work for a static droid, but probably not ideal solution for a rolling droid.

Joe's Drive
Print the bearing tester horizontally and vertically - most of the bearings print vertically but the tester is orientated for horizontal prints.

Most recent instructions include partial instructions for MK2 and updates for MK3 - grab the MK2 instructions, they have more detailed steps for things like the axle and flywheel assemblies.

There are MK2 parts included with the MK3 download - you do not need to print the head tilt pulley and the brackets for the head tilt pot. This also means you don't need the 84 rpm motor or the pot and you can get away with a 24" belt instead of the 48" one listed in the BOM.

MK3 mainly replaced the belt/pulley for head tilt with a pair of servos (this allows tilt in multiple directions) - but electronics are completely different than MK2.

Go with the transducers - they will give better sound than speakers inside the body.
Joes Drive - Build Order
  1. Prepare lazy-susan bearing
  2. Prepare flywheel
  3. Assemble A-Frame and flywheel
  4. Assemble/Install Main Square
  5. Assemble Head Tilt
  6. Assemble/Install Axle and Head tilt assembly
  7. Install drive and side to side motor belts
  8. Install servos for Head tilt
  9. Install electronics
  10. Build controller / convert MK3 to Shadow with Xbox bluetooth remote

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