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75% Body
Just thought I would share my progress with my R2 build. I have opted to build the little chap at 75% of its actual size. He will be a static build with the intention to use him as a small computer/server case.

I am using white and silver ABS in a hope to simplify painting afterwards. 

Printer Flashforge Creator pro


[Image: attachment.php?aid=1027][Image: attachment.php?aid=1028][Image: attachment.php?aid=1029][Image: attachment.php?aid=1030]

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Looks nice! A computer case is a good idea. I have one of Michaels V1 frames still - I was thinking either a computer case or the base for a Dejarik Holochess Table.
I started this build log not really knowing what format or how to approach documenting it. So I've opted for pictures and a few words Smile 

My original intention was to use the correct filament, or as close as possible. Not sure I can do this now . 

The most valuable lesson I have gained from this experience is being able to set up and configure my printer, its always produced acceptable results but most are amazing now.  Only issue I can see now is down to me printing too fast and getting ripples on the print.

I can't believe how much filament this little fella burns through. Probably around 7kgs now.

I also bit the bullet and purchased a Prusa mk3 i3 this week, eta Monday, holiday booked for Tuesday to build the thing Smile

There is a big box full of printed pieces so more pictures to follow once I have glued them together.


PS, why aren't my pictures proper size?

There is a bit of a trick to it.
What you have here is thumbnails as holder for likes to the pic.

What you need to do is preview you post, at that point you will have the links to the pics.
Right click on the first pic and from the drop down list select copy link address.

Now in the edit section of your post preview, find the spot where you want your pic to appear aleft click there and from the edit tools, click on add picture.
A box will pop up.
Past in to the URL bar the link address you previously copied into your buffer.
Click on ok and the picture will appear full size.

Repeat for each of the pictures you have uploaded.

Great build by the way :-)

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