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The purpose of this forum is to create a dedicated discussion area for people who wish to build a 3D printed R2D2 using the files created, and provided by, Michael Baddely (Mikon1 on the site). 

Though this site is not officially endorsed by the R2 Builders Club (or, we still follow all the rules set up by the club (no selling of completed droids or non-approved parts), which is why we require membership on the site. If you are just starting out, and looking for general information on building an astromech, we recommend that you start with reading and asking questions on the site. Once you are sure that a 3D printed droid is what you want to create, come on back and join in on the fun.

Build Logs are not automatically created. If you would like a build log, PM LarryJ and one will be created. Please give 24 - 48 hours for the log to be created.
Thanks again Larry, superb having a forum and a great (and structured) place to support each other as we fill the world with printed Astromechs :-)
No problem, I think it will make it easier for people looking for content directly related to your model.

Posts fall off the Patreon forum after a few days and posts on the astromech forum seem to get buried in all the other content.

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