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Droid Printer
It needs a bigger build area, but this is the printer I want for printing droid parts
So you need to buy 3 machines.
The Metal X
The auto wash station
The sintering furnace, (the big one that will take the full build volume of the metal X)

Don't suppose you got a ball park cost or a quote for the setup?

It looks very nice....
I now one French developer in the Inmoov builders group that would love it for the planetary gear sets he's making for the hips of his robot.
Playing with electricity can be a shocking experience.  Wink
Just under $100K - $120K with the furnace. No idea what the consumables cost - only supplied by MarkForged, so I'm sure that's not cheap either.

I guess I could live with this one:

Prints using a carbon fiber infused nylon (and it has a bigger print area). Only $36K ($189 a roll for the filament)
So tis would be perfect if you had a $300,000 budget for your droid...

MMMmmm... metal... (in my best Homer Simpson voice).


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