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[Entry 3] Ring 1 Assembly
Ring 1 went together pretty smoothly, once we figured out what we were doing.  We used our ABS glue (ABS scrap and acetone mix) to stick it all together, and then glued the resultant ring to the base ring.  Everything fit together much better than I'd expected, so that's good.  (You can might be able to see in the photo that we're working on a 24"x24" glass square, after discovering that the work surface of my table is very excited about acetone.)

[Image: yuLjKUQ.jpg]

Clamps, it turns out, are very useful for getting the whole thing to snug together nicely while the glue dries.  We had good luck with the Irwin Quick-Grip, though we're going to pick up some of the 24" length for the next ring, as the 12" we have won't be long enough.

[Image: cUW6a3m.jpg]

While the rest of Ring 2 is printing, we're going to tackle trying to make the join lines on Ring 1 go away.  Here's a "before" picture... if things go well, when I post the "after" picture, it'll look better.  If things don't go well, on the other hand... well, I'll still post a picture.

[Image: A19uXIb.jpg]

So stay tuned for either happiness or misery -- or some mix of the two -- in our next installment!
You can never have too many clamps! I'd get some (metal) spring clamps too.

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