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[Entry 2] Fun with Supports!
Like I said, we're pretty green 3D printers.  Err... 3D printerers.  3D printer users.

We've been printing Ring One four parts at a time, so the first batch was sections 1, 2, 3, and 4.  We first tried printing without supports altogether, but soon learned the error of our ways... we ended up with a substantial amount of hanging stringy unpleasantness right where it'd be seen in the final product.

For the second printing, we tried automatic generation of supports, and it worked... sort of.   Unfortunately, our support settings were such that the supports clung tenaciously to the parts, effectively becoming part of the... parts.  (I really should have taken pictures of the false starts, but I forgot to do so, and they're now doing their part to assist in the general effort through their new careers as ABS/acetone slurry ingredients.)

However, I finally hit upon settings that worked; 0.3mm support pillars for most stuff, but 0.2mm pillars for the gaps around the faux/non-opening panels. I still run into a few issues with getting the supports out, but a bit of careful X-acto knife work can be surprisingly effective, as it turns out.

Next time: gluing Ring One together!

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