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Dome - Fitting the Upper and Lower Rings
I wasn't very happy with the print quality of my upper and lower dome rings. The groove in each of them didn't print very clean and they both suffered from uneven shrinking on the edges. 

[Image: 43261532042_445a617a3d_c.jpg]

Once I corrected the gap between the dome and the body, I clamped the dome in its forward position to keep it from spinning. I protected the bottom of the dome and the top of the body with blue painters tape. Then I mixed up some two-part Bondo and applied it around the rings and let it dry overnight.

[Image: 43261531622_41e0dbc690_c.jpg]

I then used a disc sander and sanded the Bondo even with the dome and body. But this also removed the grooves that define the blue band that goings around the lower part of the dome.

[Image: 42593440284_3e59bbcbed_c.jpg]

[Image: 43261531092_5f53deebf1_c.jpg]

Next, I cut a piece of wood the exact height of the lower groove and clamped it to the side of R2.

[Image: 42593439784_9dd5dde5c5_c.jpg]

I found a piece of 1/16" brass that I had laying around and wrapped it around the edge with 120 grit sandpaper.  

[Image: 29441187698_1b02d2612d_c.jpg]

Spinning the dome around by hand like a lathe, I slowly cut a lower groove into the dome in the same spot as the original groove. This required replacing the sandpaper a few times.

[Image: 43261530782_f03f20e51e_c.jpg]

Nice clean groove.

[Image: 42593439494_2a2be646ab_c.jpg]

I then tape a 5/8" block on top of the original block and used it to cut the upper groove.

[Image: 42593439284_dcc0a1a260_c.jpg]

Both grooves cut into the dome.

[Image: 43261529822_c9c9ba9143_c.jpg]

Maybe that will help someone else if they have the same issue...


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Bonne idée  Wink
fantastic idea and execution

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