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Dome - Fitting the Lazy Susan
I purchased my lazy susan bearing from Lee Valley for $64.50 a few months ago. It's was the correct size of 17 3/8" or 441mm. The inside diameter was a perfect fit for the drive gear. But it must be taller than other bearings because it was a challenge to get the gap between the lower dome ring and the top of the body nice and tight. By accident, I have the dome upper ring mounted upside down in the picture below. (white)

I needed to get rid of the single nut that you can see in the gap that between the top ring of the body and the lower ring of the dome. But you need it there to hold the bolt tight so you can bolt the bearing down. And you can't get to the head of that bolt after the upper body ring is attached to the body. 

[Image: 43261532042_445a617a3d_c.jpg]

I found these M4 thread inserts at Home Depot in the hardware drawers. I pressed them into the underside of the body top ring into holes that lined up with the bearing outer ring. The ones marked with an R lined up with my bearing.

[Image: 29441189378_6452941eb3_c.jpg]I

With the thread inserts pressed into the body top ring, I could then attach the top ring to the body with screws from the top. And then also attach the outer bearing with M4 screws from the top with no gap under the bearing. Circled in blue below.

[Image: 43261528652_65bf77aa26_c.jpg]

Even with the reduced gap under the bearing, I still had too large of a gap between the dome and the body. So I traced around the inner bearing bolts that are on top of the drive gear and use a file to open up the holes in the shape of the M4 nuts. The plastic held the bolts in place once they were pressed into the drive gear. 

[Image: 29441189778_3ffd2697ab_c.jpg]

Once I placed a single washer on the bolts, the gap was perfect. 

[Image: 42593440284_3e59bbcbed_c.jpg]

That gap has virtually disappeared in your last photo. Looks much better.

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