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Sphere completely printed now for construction
So after many hours of printing the same part 24 times (well a did a few more due to quality issues)

I have started construction, its basically glue two bits together with a washer between them and two piece of filament as a guide and then wait for it to be dry and then glue and piece together. Its a very clever design that its the same piece over and over and it all interlocks together with screws.

I have also started on the head and the parts that stick/keep the head on with magnets. ( a crap load of big ones). it seems to work and as its a static one I have the find a way to keep the internal part always up. This will allow me to remove the head at any stage or move the body around for the best position.

Anyway back to printing.[Image: attachment.php?aid=799][Image: attachment.php?aid=798][Image: attachment.php?aid=797]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=796]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=795]

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