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bb8 printing and heler disks
after printing R2D2 without any major issues, (a few small ones and a biggy!)

I am having a few issues with BB8, its the first time I have used helper disk and they are working great.
From the pictures you can see the inner sphere with the supports and without (removed!)

The outer panels I am printing with pro PLA but still has a few minor issues with the tabs

[Image: attachment.php?aid=759]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=760]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=759]

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Having fun in 3d
I am getting so frustrated with these parts!

I was able to print 3 full rings without any issue, and then my extruder crapped out on me.

Fixed the extruder and extrusion is now fine, but when I print these parts, I get about 1cm up and the damn corners break off the helper disk. I've tried a couple other orientations and have the same problem.

I upgraded to the hardened steel hotend and cut the heat down to 190 (from 205) but I still keep getting a bit of curl on the part that catches and causes it to break off. I'm thinking of putting the brass nozzle back on to see if it continues doing the same thing.
yeah I had that too, for some reason one printer does that and the other one is fine, I will still use the doging ones but did most of them on the good one.

they are exactly the same and used the same roll of pla to test on both.

my outer panels have issues with the tabs but I will just and to cut and sand them. It will be all good but more work as usual.
Having fun in 3d

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