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LED Screen
I work at Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster PA, we're a Christian theater that produces inspirational musicals with biblical themes on an epic scale. Our stage is 300 feet across and wraps around the audience.

Last year I was in charge of finding and purchasing a custom built LED screen to use as a filler backdrop behind our sets for a few scenes in our current show. The screen is 110 feet across and 30 feet tall. (Think the wingspan of a Boeing 737 and the height of a three-story building.) It has 21 million pixels with an 8k resolution. We believe this is the largest moving screen used in a live theatre in the world. 

[Image: 28294607257_6c13fbede8_c.jpg]
Our guys just starting to hang the panels. They're like very high tech legos.

[Image: 41353658710_9f16b9c41c_c.jpg]
Almost halfway...

[Image: 28294607627_7030592569_c.jpg]
Part of the screen getting calibrated.

And what is the first thing you watch on a gigantic screen after two days of assembly?

Of course, it's STAR WARS

[Image: 28294605997_362b8469dc_c.jpg]

It was amazing.  Smile
That is very cool.

I'm looking at 9 screens for a video wall in our lobby at work - not cheap - can only image the budget on this job.

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