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Body Work Tips - Door Edges
I had a lot of problems getting my large body doors to print without warping on the lower edges no matter what I tried. But it was still awesome to be able to print them all in one piece!

[Image: 28294845277_7341ea6aeb_c.jpg]

See the big gaps I had on both ends...

[Image: 28294602487_27c76e261e_c.jpg]

Step 1: Sand the door recess in the body nice and square. Fill any imperfection if necessary. I wrapped 120 grit sandpaper around a square wooden block.

[Image: 29292992118_4e88ed4982_c.jpg]

Step 2: Use blue painters tape and carefully mask off the recessed area of the body. Make sure you press the tape into the corners of the lip. You will need multiple pieces of tape for the best results.

[Image: 43164090151_9b48e8a763_c.jpg]

Step 3: Tape the door in place with the warped edge press against the edge of the body. You should have a larger then normal gap on the other long edge. Make sure the door is sitting in the frame squarely.

[Image: 28294602847_a4500464b6_c.jpg]

It should look like this:  (I added an extra piece of tape to the top of my door to protect it in the next step.)

[Image: 43164090671_03029ded0f_c.jpg]

Glue: I use gap filling medium CA glue and spray accelerator. (You can sprinkle baking soda on the CA if you don't have accelerator)

[Image: 43164091201_e589b8726b.jpg]  [Image: 28294603307_d328407cdc.jpg]

Step 4: Apply CA glue in a few layers. Spray each layer with the accelerator. I flipped the body around so any excess glue didn't flow too far under the door. Let gravity be your friend.

[Image: 43164091611_a3cf149233_c.jpg]

Build the glue layers until it is above the surface of the body

[Image: 29292993898_a4cb200ca3_c.jpg]

Step 5: After waiting only one minute, I used a power random orbital sander to quickly sand the glue level with the body. I just sand straight through the tape until it's totally gone. This will also make your door a perfect fit.

[Image: 43164092521_6f9a7010e3_c.jpg]

Step 6: Carefully lift the door free and then remove the tape that will be stuck to the back of the door.

[Image: 43164092991_f09a615758_c.jpg]

Step 7: Sand the back of the new "Glue" edge to remove the tape if it gets stuck.

[Image: 43164093151_bc6c7ba458_c.jpg]

Your new "non-warped" square edge.

[Image: 43164093641_915da3ee97_c.jpg]

[Image: 29292990968_85511937d4_c.jpg]

Hopefully, that helps someone in the future.

Wow, very nice. I never would have even attempted that! Good work.

That's a very cool tip! Thank you for sharing.

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