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BB8- Yes another Project
So after finishing my R2D2 I have started on BB8 and maybe doing a BB9-E as it just the same sphere but different shell and dome.

So I have done the centre panels and all of the dome already.

Compared to R2D2 there are so few files to do.

In saying that its not a easy print as R2 files are all squares and boxes but BB8 are all circles which isn't easy on a 3d printer.

The sphere is a pain as it is 24 copies of the same files which is a 10 hour print each (so 240 hours do the same thing over and over)

You really need helper disk on this one as the corner will lift creating issues.

In Australia we are going through a cold snap so before my room as about 20-25 degress during the day it is now 9-18 degrees.

This change in temperature has really stuffed me around with printing as I cant print overnight without having issues (can get down to 6-7 degrees outside).

Any way here are some early pics. If you haven't looked at this project read up on the BB8 builder club as they are great as always and there are different way to do the sphere.

The only issue I have found is that some parts have been combined for a easier print but the notes still have the old parts and when constructing you need to have some parts inside of others before you glue together which caused me issues.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=730]

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