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cutting PLA like butter
so i recently printed all my body doors at once and realised i had some slack in my y axis belt which resulted in my doors being about 5mm too long, instead of reprinting i cut about 2.5 mm off each inner side (the 2 parts of the door that join together) with a foam wire cutter. and got a little video to show it in action.
this worked amazingly and can possibly save you (or me) many hours of printing.. (40 hours to be exact) Smile
obviously would not work for some parts, but these it worked great.

This is such a cool idea,

I like it.
(07-02-2018, 07:16 AM)Cyber_One Wrote: This is such a cool idea,

I like it.

Yes! im very glad it was this easy, as i printed every door at the same time i was really worried!

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