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I printed the longer files for the legs and ankles

[Image: QWpYjZsh.jpg]

[Image: 03J1O60h.jpg]
Primed in 2k primer
[Image: 8dYteeih.jpg]

Ankles with a coat of white
[Image: 9E5blTHh.jpg]

I split an ankle when putting on the leg
[Image: uC59kk4h.jpg]

[Image: Uk3BqgSh.jpg]

I added a washer to this piece as i couldn't get a good finish.

[Image: mRiUbRrh.jpg]

[Image: 5ugtk3Kh.jpg]

[Image: F6N5Fk8h.jpg]

[Image: UmNoNeeh.jpg]

[Image: srdHez2h.jpg]
[Image: VJ9uVdbh.jpg]
It is great to see other people suffering printing issues and being able to work through it to still get a great finish.

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