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I had some bad warping on the body which really showed when i came to assemble the pieces.
I had to line them up as best i could and correct by sanding and filling.

[Image: PkmPY6Eh.jpg]
[Image: giXVxCyh.jpg]

First coat of primer. I then had a crack open up so acetoned it then sanded.

[Image: gDjWFblh.jpg]

I had massive problems printing the back door. I kept getting bad warping.

[Image: Kb8IGaxh.jpg]

I ended up printing another in pla, i ended up going bad to the abs warped one. Using a heat gun i managed to get it back into shape.
[Image: MnCR2E3h.jpg]

[Image: KnXviwwh.jpg]
[Image: gvcKWtgh.jpg]

Dome test on top of the body

[Image: xGDnoIfh.jpg]

I had trouble with the doors too. I lost count of the amount of attempts to get good ones printed.
[Image: G6pP4C6h.jpg]

Panels and detail pieces for the body
[Image: 2VQfIOdh.jpg]
[Image: v2rUDvmh.jpg]
[Image: 6iQaC5Mh.jpg]
[Image: 6EXH2mnh.jpg]
[Image: vlCmcAeh.jpg]

Part of the rear door i had to repair
[Image: IqkCDCbh.jpg]

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