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Dome and rings
I started with the dome, like most people i assume and the dome rings. 
Im using abs filament. I have had problems with warping even with the printer boxed in and have had to reprint quite a few pieces.
I started printing at the end of November.

[Image: sJkXNE5h.jpg]

[Image: n2X0IfRh.jpg]
[Image: 5dBbLboh.jpg]

Its all welded together with acetone.
Then filled with car body filler and sanded then filled again. I finished with a Dolphin glaze finishing putty, then more sanding and priming.

[Image: ZiTyPlfh.jpg]
[Image: 9Tojdj0h.jpg]
[Image: ya17qyKh.jpg]
[Image: NI5GaTGh.jpg]

I painted it in a gloss black before i finish it in silver. I used a mixture of 2k car paint and spray cans.
Looks very nice! :-)
Sprayed in silver 

[Image: HjMhA41h.jpg]

[Image: eALjjVwh.jpg]

I went over it with Rub n Buff. I got a good finish in places but it looked a bit patchy. 
I rubbed it back down and refinished a few times but couldn't get a good finish all over.

[Image: Fuor4zqh.jpg]
[Image: j6uz46Ch.jpg]
[Image: ue0ZAhHh.jpg]

In the end i rubbed it back down and repainted but left the Rub n Buff off.

The panels were all finished in the same way as the dome. 
Sprayed with cans this time.
Sprayed in silver then Metalcast purple and finished in Metalcast Blue then clear coated.
I went a little heavy on the blue though so it came out a bit dark.

[Image: Lj5yfsKh.jpg]
[Image: Mz3bH7Fh.jpg]
[Image: AWo6ZABh.jpg]

Test fit on the dome

[Image: N7ecQUah.jpg]
[Image: Fp0Nkzph.jpg]
Looks very good
(06-10-2018, 09:22 PM)coin-op Wrote: Looks very nice! :-)

(06-10-2018, 09:30 PM)Cyber_One Wrote: Looks very good

Very nice finish you got on the dome. Convinces me I shouldn't settle on mine and keep going till I am happy with it.

You have much more painting skills than I do. Your finish is fantastic! I love how you can see you in the reflection in the photos.

That's more the rub n buff. That's put in by hand but looked a little patchy and blotchy .
Can you link to the style of Rub-n-Buff that you used?  I know it comes in many colors. But I don't know much more than that.  I know that I need to get some.

Its this one  rub n buff silver

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