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So the best place to start this project is the dome.

Is not hard to print and there is no real big prints taking a lot of time.

The best advice is print a few panels make sure you have you settings right and the parts stick well to your base plate.

After you have this sorted try and fit multiple parts on the build plate on each print as this will help in reducing time.
Yes that's sounds like it will take longer and you are correct in print time but over all in removing prints copying files and time the printer stand idle while you are away or sleeping then 
its best to keep it busy as much as possible.

So check out the picture below of the build.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=25]
So what did I do wrong and right and fixes and helpful tips.

Have clamps available to fit the parts together when gluing, use nuts and bolts to hold and align the parts while glueing also.
I used SupaGlue (Australia) or I think the world calls it CA glue. Anyway I use the cheapest stuff available as its the same as stuff 20 times the price.
TIP #1 always sand the surfaces you are going to glue this helps bond the two together.
Tip # 2 Use the filament to align the parts but straighten the filament before you put it in as it tends to snap off when you bend it after inserting in and you cant get it out!
Tip #3 Start on the bottom layer and build up.
Tip #4 Use  car filler to fill in the large cracks
Tip #5 use spray filler to fill any minor cracks.

I printed all my parts in medium quality , they cam out smooth but it still had some layer marks.
After multiple layers of spray putty and sanding they came out.

Tip #6 spray the dome Black as a undercoat as it will bring out the silver better.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=26]
Tip #7 Print out all the small parts and sand to fit the dome before you do the final colour as you will scratch the silver.

Paint the final layer in Metalic Silver and let it dry for a day.

Use a product called RUBnBuff (you can find this on EBAY) and use it like polish to create a worn aluminium effect on the doom.
Tip #8 use as little as possible as it is a wax and it drys very quickly so if you put too mush on you will get bumps and lumps on the surface.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=27]
See painting section which covers painting the blue parts.

See Electronics for the Lights and holoprojectors

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How do you apply the rub-n-buff?

It seems to go on best for me if I use my bare hands, but then it comes out kind of splotchy (some areas more shine than others).
(11-24-2017, 06:38 AM)LarryJ Wrote: How do you apply the rub-n-buff?

It seems to go on best for me if I use my bare hands, but then it comes out kind of splotchy (some areas more shine than others).

I use a tea towel and the smallest amount possible, spread it around and let it dry for a few seconds and let buff off.
The trick is don't put too much on otherwise it will cause lumps and bumps.

I tried using a dremel to polish but that didn't work and rub off too much even at the lowest speed.

the Dome looks great. How do you protect the rub-n-buff surface? Can you spray it with clear coat?
It is recommend you don't clear coat it.

No clear coat? What if I touch the dome, then I have color on my fingers and fingerprints on the dome?
I'm thinking of doing mine with rubnbuff.
I've heard of using artists fixative to seal it after applying the rubnbuff but I'm not sure how much it comes off with touching.
I have no coating on mine either.

It does fully cure after a while, just takes a few days. I can drag my fingers across mine and not pick up any silver.

I haven't had any issues with finger prints (yet).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=49]

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.png   r2d2_lights.png (Size: 182.39 KB / Downloads: 546)
Hello and thanks you for your answers.

I think then I will treat my dome with rub n buff. It looks really good.
Wasn't sure where to put this update but as it is the lights going into the dome I choose this one.

Well not al the cabling is in as I am waiting for glue to try on some of the parts but one side of the lights are installed and will do the otherside hopefully tonight. As this will be a static version I am only doing lights and sound but no motors. (maybe one day!)
here are some pics, Issues I had are:
1- the clear wasn't easy to print but it work kind of.
2- The psi (large) had to been shave on one side to fit
3- One of the rings for the holoprojectors had to be cut.
4- The small square brackets holding the lights didn't fit and the bracket had to be filed due to build up of paint I assume

It all fun and it worked out so nothing big.

Anyway here are the pics.:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=139][Image: attachment.php?aid=140][Image: attachment.php?aid=141]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=138]

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