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Build Log - Readme
Hi to all 

I am creating this build log in order to help others with their journey in building such a great project as this.

I would first like to thank MR Baddley for his hard work and sharing his designs via his patreon.

So some quick facts, 

Approx 25 kilos of filament is required

2500+ hours to print

A lot of M size nuts and bolts

50+  magnets

A lot of paint ( flat white, clear, metallic purple, diamond blue)

Electronics - Teece light system
Sound - Adafruit sound card + Ebay speakers.

Total cost , well so far its about $1800 , filament then paint being the most expensive.

I will break down each section and cover as much as I can and include pictures.

Mr Baddley instruction papers are still in draft mode with much of his design taking up his time. (they are getting more detailed everyday).

Hope you enjoy this and it is helpful.

quick thanks to Larry to get this up and running and we can share experiences and information.
Tried to give your post a 5 star rating but doing it on my phone only registered 2 and it won't let me change it.

Great post. Turks for the heads up regarding the costing and amount of filament required. Won't be telling the misses that bit when I start to build my own lol


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