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snapped my ankles
I brought my R2 to megacon this past weekend and while pushing him to my car an ankle got caught on something and since I had not glued them to the legs there was some play and some give. Well the ankle tore off and thats the end of that ankle. 

guess ill reprint them both with higher infill and before bringing R2 anywhere the legs will have to be completed.
I hope he didn't fall and damage anything else. At least the 3D printed nature lets you print spare parts easily.

Do you remember what settings you used originally for the ankles, and what material did you use?
I reprinted mine in PETG for this reason, I also didn't like the flex so I changed the design to use bushings.

Check out Martyman's ankle mod:
I think my infill was too low honestly. I want to say I forgot to increase it to 25-30%

I have a sealed roll of petg I can crack open an calibrate for, I have never used petg so it will be a learning curve.

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