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Looking for paint reference / map
Anyone have any good reference shots or what colors go where?  Looking for more detailed maps of the ports and other smaller items like the legs.

Need to know:

What is painted blue
What is painted white
What is painted silver

You kinda have to pick a movie/scene and go with that. Unfortunately, R2-D2 has some parts that vary depending on where you see them. I’ve been using the walk of fame star picture with R2 and Mark Hamill. There are also lots of pictures and reference shots on Check the wiki there.
I've looked over at and could not find anything. Granted I was looking in the wiki
(04-22-2018, 04:47 PM)rudedog Wrote: I've looked over at and could not find anything.  Granted I was looking in the wiki

They have a reference album on
Thanks Larry
Check out my build as I have tried to put heaps of photos on it.

If you need more let me know.

Yes some part will be different depending on which movie you base it on Ie Holoprojector on the front.

Thanks Phill, will check them out.

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