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No more prints for me...
Ok, just a temporary stop, but my printer completely died, so I have to pause all my printing jobs (R2 too of course). 
I tried several fixes, but without success, so the best thing would be a new device. After almost four years and several kg of filament I can say that it was a good printer, even if a cheap one. 

Now I’m considering a Prusa MK2S (I would prefer a MK3, but for this one I have to wait more than one month for the shipping) as it’s much better than my K8200 at a similar price. 

While choosing and buying my new device, at least I can go on with dome painting! Smile
I have an MK2S and I love it. If I had a choice between that and the MK3, I'd go for the MK3, just for the new print bed and other updated features.
I also have an MK2S. Its a great deal at $599 US for the kit and the prints are awesome. But if you can wait until April, I would go for the MK3. Its got some great upgrades for $150 more.
Unfortunately I cannot wait. Furthermore in April I will go abroad and return home in may, so I would get a mk3 just at the end of may...

I just bought a mk2s. This printer is far better than my k8200, so a big improvement anyway. There is also a small improvement kit to the 2.5 that it’s cheaper than the full mk3 upgrade, but can give a mk2s some nice new feature.
In a couple of weeks it should arrive, than it’s just a matter of build it (I bought the kit).

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