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Build Costs for UK
OK so here I will list out the build costs for people in the UK 

Teecees R2 D2 Board set x1  $35
MarcDuino Board x2  $12
Holo Light boards x1 $6
UK Shipping $3

Above items from HERE

All the boards come in at just under £50
Vincent, will all these parts just fit in Michael's model directly? I'm also assuming it will all connect to an arduino? Sorry quite new to the electronic side of things!
Yes mate everything will work fine and if you have any problems at all shout me as I have done a few electronic projects in my time so dont see this being a problem in any way.

I will be adding a few other things to mine like a projector as the real R2 D2

And a FPV Camera so allow me to RC Control him and see where he is going,  And maybe a ew other mods  Big Grin

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