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so for a couple months i have been working on making my own eye for BT-1. i have designed my own eye from scratch. first time working on 3d CAD. im in the process on getting the light of the eye to move. ( like the gate keeper on walle)  to give it more character. here are some of my progress hop you like it.


these are only prototypes for now. need to work on making the walls of the eye sprite from the bottom so it dos not take as long to print.

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The pics look great!
Thanks I was not really sure how to upload them to the page. But I'm glad you can see them. 
   Have not been able to do anything for a couple months because my printer has been down and having a hard time fixing it.
Wow, I found glue sticks too messy to work with, and switched to hairspray (for PLA). That ABS slurry (I am guessing) must leave the bottom of your prints pretty rough.
No not really it's nice and smooth if you don't leave bubbles. I have had some prints where the bubbles where that and transfered to the print.
I'm going to try pla for my next try
PLA is really easy to print, but doesn't have many of the advantages of ABS. I curse my PLA build every time I am trying to sand anything.
It's been a long time since I've posted anything on the eye part of my build but me and my brother and trying to compose a pcb to fit in a game button from adafruit. 

I have a red one but I also have a white one. To try out my ideas. Im going to be using neo pixels for the eye to light up. I'm hoping to also be able to make it do a disco rambow colors as well. Just for fun. 

I also want the light in the eye to move like the eye on the gate keeper in wallet.   

Hope to get some kinda puppeteering effect in to my droid.

Here's a link to my pictures
So I have been working on the eye again and I have made a new version. I'm almost making up a PCB that will fit inside the adafruit game button. I will be using neoPixels for the board so you can have some Kool animations. If you want to take a look at the pictures still be in the Google drive

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