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File Cutting help needed
Is anyone in the forum able to cut a 3D file up for me as I dont have a clue how its done

I can email the files to anyone who can help me
One day I hope to learn how to do it myself

Many Thanks

Can you post a pic of what you are trying to do?
My Printer will be 200x200x180

For some reason this file is too large to fit but its only 195x195x97
Keep getting told at bottom unable to slice ( CURA )

Will post a picture as soon as I upload it to one drive


Here is what I mean I have tried everything to get it to fit
Do you have brim or raft enabled? They add several mm to the bottom, so maybe this coudl be the problem...
(02-11-2018, 06:57 PM)mascal Wrote: Do you have brim or raft enabled? They add several mm to the bottom, so maybe this coudl be the problem...

Brim and Raft not on

Clearly Im doing someting wrong,  So wonder should I try different software and if so what??

So glad Im having the problems now and not later as would have no hair left,  Wait I have no hair
I asked because I saw from the picture you posted that the option “build plate adhesion” is active, so you could try to turn it off anyway if you did not try yet.
If this does not work, you can send it to me and I will try to make a fix (my printer base is 200x200 too, so it should easy to test the model).
Mine is set to skirt and will turn it off?

Anything else you see I could change


Dam such a simple thing as skirt gets you in trouble  Tongue

Took it off and now working fine so over the moon as slowly learning
And never know someone else may end up having the same problem who is new to 3D Printing


So many thanks for all the help guys

Glad to hear that the problem is solved!
Usually if you do not set an adhesion pattern (brim or raft) the slicer will use a skirt to extrude a bit of plastic to be sure that the flow is regular. The skirt is just a number of perimeters printed outside the model, so it also uses some space. For all the other parameters it’s just a matter of trial and error (at least this is how I learned and still learning to print 3D objects).
This is my first ever time getting involved in 3d Printing and got to say even though I dont have my 3d printer yet in a sad way im enjoying the learning curve and at my age its a steep learning curve

I also know that should I have a problem thats really getting to me then there is support here

As soon as I have more faith in what Im doing will order in 3D printers and thats when the real fun starts  Cool

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