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progress so far
I was already quite a way through the print before I joined this group, so far the main body, skirt, dome and legs have been printed.

this was just before christmas

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: Ibc8a6T.jpg]" />

and during the christmas break got some more done

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: fGetIXY.jpg]" />

the first layer isn't the best as one of my printers was playing up, so lots of filling and sanding to do

here's the printers hard at it

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: gV0gi0s.jpg]" />

Legs where competed at the weekend

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: NtqWw3m.jpg]" />

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: F94gqKp.jpg]" />

think I've gone a bit OTT with the settings, everything printed in PLA mostly in .3 with 6 shells and 6 top/bottom layers in s3d, mainly because I need it to be pretty strong as It'll be out and about at events like my other R2 (fiberglass)

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: nOtIJEf.jpg]" />

currently the left foot shell is printing, along with some greebles

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: BfGdlCb.jpg]" />

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: 1XqCCE3.jpg]" />
Is the blue machine a CR10 5s? That foot shell looks tiny on there
yes I have the cr10-s3 and s5 Smile
I own a CR-10 S4, love it but I am considering buying a CR-10 S5.
the only reason is for the bigger print size.
Does it perform as well as your smaller printer S4 or S3?
I know it takes longer for the bed to heat up but other than that does it have other shortcomings?
On my CR-10 S4 I have only printed PLA. Can the S5 print other material ABS Nylon PTEG without upgrades?
I have an S-5. It requires upgrades to print reliably.  Most notably would be stiffening the Z-Axis rails.  Without stiffening, taller prints will layer shift or your prints will literally vibrate off of the print bed.  Even with mods, you will have to be very conservative with your print speeds and pay close attention to your slicer settings. 

I have after much experimentation gotten the single print dome to finish on the S5.  However, even after all the tweaks and careful slicing it had a small layer shift near the end of the print.  I detail this in my build log here.

My mods include:
1.  500x500 fully heated bed (stock is only 300x300)
2. TH3D EZABL bed leveling
3.  Steel bar Z-braces.
4.  Tempered glass print bed with PEI surface
5. Drag chain with custom mounting bracket to protect the heating pad wiring and keep it from getting caught .

Even with all of this, I don't think you could get large ABS prints to work without fully enclosing the printer.

Despite this criticism, the S5 is literally the only printer in the 500mm build volume space.  You can have it working with with mods for about $1,600.  The closest printer to it price-wise is the $4,700 Modix Big 60.  At that price, the Big 60 is fully enclosed and has all of the bells and whistles.  Every component is world-class and the reliability and precision of the machine will not disappoint.  

I don't mind waiting for nine days for a print to complete.  But I hate waiting nine days for a print to fail.  It took me about nine tries to get a single successful print on the CR10S-500.  So, yes it can work.  But it's more of an engineering/science project than other smaller printers.

(02-22-2019, 06:05 PM)Eebel Wrote: I have an S-5. It requires upgrades to print reliably.  ....


Thanks for your reply. 
Currently I am in the process of reading everyone's build log.
Haven't read yours yet, along with LarryJ, phul007, coin-op, and Martyman.
But from the logs I read, I have learned a lot.
Specially since I have not printed too many parts yet, and looking at the stl files in cura really don't show you how everything goes together.
One small problem from reading the build logs... the more I read the more I want. Rolleyes


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