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spreadsheet? - scamper - 05-02-2019

I thought I saw someone had a spreadsheet for the printed parts for R2. but have done a search and cannot seem to find it again.
Has anyone done up a spreadsheet just with the list of parts and columns for filling in time, done, date or whatever or even a filled in sheet that can delete the data and start again (keeping parts list obviously)
I am around 40 to 50 pieces into the print and realise that this is going to get confusing very quickly if I don't do something quick.
Thanks in advance.

RE: spreadsheet? - Eebel - 05-07-2019

Here is mine.



RE: spreadsheet? - phul007 - 05-07-2019

Yes you have to be organized, print sections at a time, bag small items together and label them. Also I used a spreadsheet and ticked them off as I went. Good luck.

RE: spreadsheet? - scamper - 05-08-2019

(05-07-2019, 08:38 PM)Eebel Wrote: Here is mine.



Thanks. I did see yours, but was hoping someone had one in an excel format or similar that I could just delete the fields and start again.
I have since set one up myself, just so I can keep a log of parts I am printing.

RE: spreadsheet? - Eebel - 05-08-2019

I was thwarted by the website. It won't let me put the excel format up. I would be happy to email it to you in Excel if you send me a PM.