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Hello from Indiana! - TheCheatOSX - 01-28-2019

Hello all! I'm working on a ABS Dome and Styrene frame/skins. I'm 3D printing the greeblies and other items such as the panel hinges. I may switch to a 3D printed body. We shall see. I'm concentrating on the dome right now. And I have been eyeing printing out a BB-8.

RE: Hello from Indiana! - Eebel - 01-28-2019


Post some pictures and be sure to ask any questions. Everyone is helpful here.


RE: Hello from Indiana! - The Canterbury Tail - 01-28-2019

We named the dog Indiana.

RE: Hello from Indiana! - cobra troy - 01-29-2019


...and that is one of the best lines from trilogy. That’s right, there are only three Indiana Jones movies! ?

RE: Hello from Indiana! - The Canterbury Tail - 01-29-2019

Yup. Only 3. Just like Highlander goes from Highlander to Highlander III: The Sorcerer. Which is an odd name for the second movie. Smile