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Hello from the UK - rozzy - 01-14-2019

Hi everyone! I'm Ryan and I'm from Bedford, UK.

I've wanted to build an R2 unit for some time now and have been lurking on the astromech forums reading build logs. I've finally decided to take the plunge and start a build of my own. I have three 3D printers (AM8, CR-10 & CR-10S) and sub-par woodworking skills, so printing my R2 seems the best way to go.

I do however have a few of questions:

1. Are there any recommended settings for printing the parts (layer height, shells, top/bottom layers, infill % and pattern)?

2. Is the mk3 body just for 500mm printers? If so I assume that means I should print the mk2 body since I don't have a large printer?

3. Will the 2-3-2 upgrade work with both the mk2 and mk3 bodies?

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RE: Hello from the UK - Cyber_One - 01-14-2019

Hello rozzy,

Welcome to the group
If you are using Michales Baddeley's files, the instructions can be found with the STL files on his Public One Drive share.

You will find in there a folder called instruction notes.
These instructions have lots of pictures and in most cases note of settings for printing the different parts.

There are some other files in another share of his, but for that you will need to see his patreon page.
This project is still under development.

Have fun with your build, this will keep you entertained for quite a while... :-)
And don't forget to take photo's :-)

Hello from the UK - rozzy - 01-15-2019

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, should have been clearer, yes I am intending on using Michael Baddeley's files. As I am a member of his patreon I have access to both the mk2 and mk3 files. It looks as if the mk3 files are for 500mm printers only, is this correct? If so that means I should print the mk2 files?

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RE: Hello from the UK - Cyber_One - 01-15-2019

All the single print domes and rings are for the bigger 500 x 500 mm printers.... :-(

The good news is some of the new parts such as the gear drive wheel assembly should fit the Mk2 bodies like mine... :-)

RE: Hello from the UK - Martyman - 01-16-2019

Michael is still working on his 2-3-3 setup. I would assume it will either be available for both, or there will be two versions available.

If all else fails, my 2-3-3 design seems to work (for the MK2), and has been duplicated by at least other builder.

Hello from the UK - rozzy - 01-16-2019

Thanks for the replies. I'm still reading up on everything first before I actually start building but will make sure I post some pictures when I start

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