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Stormtrooper Suit / Static - phul007 - 01-04-2019

Does anyone know of where I can get a full 3d print file set for a static Stormtrooper. Any version is fine.

Happy to have to spend some money but too much.

This is a personnel project and wont be on selling it to anyone.



RE: Stormtrooper Suit / Static - The Canterbury Tail - 01-04-2019

If you're after full size, I know it's not what you're asking for but purchasing an actual kit suit that we use in the 501st would cost you just under $1K and be better than a 3D printed version. Just stick it on a mannequin when you're done with it.

RE: Stormtrooper Suit / Static - cobra troy - 01-04-2019

Here's a link to a set of Shore Trooper Armor.


I printed a set for my daughter a few years ago.



RE: Stormtrooper Suit / Static - phul007 - 02-06-2019

My patreon Geoff has released a full storm trooper suit which I will start printing soon. Its about 2000 hours so again another big project.

Still waiting for a few bits for my ironman to be finished. The latest R2 version from Michael looks great but I cant put that effort into building another one, Plus my wife would kill me as I am pushing my luck doing Ironman and a Stormtrooper 1:1.

RE: Stormtrooper Suit / Static - LarryJ - 03-16-2019

Damn dude! You are mad printing machine!!!

RE: Stormtrooper Suit / Static - phul007 - 03-17-2019

(03-16-2019, 03:56 PM)LarryJ Wrote: Damn dude! You are mad printing machine!!!

Yeah Im mad , here are some other projects I am working on , just bought a mini spray gun which I intend to use for primer filler as buying by the spray can is getting crazy.

Gone hulk crazy as well. I need a bigger house!
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