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  Greetings from ATX
Posted by: number10ox - 12-12-2018, 11:02 PM - Forum: New Members - Replies (2)

Hello from Austin, TX.
This is my first 3D printed/plastic R2D2 build (I've built one of cardboard for a kid's birthday party).  I'm really excited to get started and thank everyone for the wealth of knowledge already collected here.  I've probably read every post 10 times in the past few days as I started printing on my CR-10S.
I've also  looked at all the great photos & build logs.  The work y'all have done is nothing short of astounding!

Here's a photo of my start.



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  Hello from ohio
Posted by: Dpoynter - 12-11-2018, 04:23 AM - Forum: New Members - Replies (1)

New builder here from ohio. I'm gathering information and getting ready to start printing soon.

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  Hello from LA!
Posted by: Dminor - 12-06-2018, 11:54 PM - Forum: New Members - Replies (1)

Hey everyone!

Just recently bought a Creality CR-10s and I'm putting it to the test with this build. Not doing the entire R2, but instead I'm replicating the R2D2/C3PO leg lamp that Gordon Tarpley did a few years ago. Been enjoying reading the posts so far and want to thank everyone for their contribution to this forum and look forward to sharing my progress!

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  Hello From Wales
Posted by: PaintWithPenny - 12-05-2018, 06:46 AM - Forum: New Members - Replies (4)

Hi, my name is Penny and Im currently printing and making an R2D2 using, primarily Mr Baddeleys plans. So far its going well withthe occassional hiccup although you have to expect that.

Ill be honest. I hate, and Im useless at this intro posts so ill give you some basics and if you want to ask questions then fire away

Penny, 46, Female, works as a Bus Driver full time, I also paint miniatures and for part work builds. Also working on the Build the Routemaster, Millenium Falcon and Harley Davidson. 
Ive been looking into creating my own "part work" and think R2D2 is the answer. Im also doing a weekly you tube build log which Ill post here, if acepted.

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  Belt Slippage
Posted by: Luc - 12-01-2018, 03:48 PM - Forum: Luc - Replies (5)

So i am using the single belt modification and re printed my belts at 98%, 97%, and 95%. im using 3dfillies TPU. 
i get some serious belt slippage, ive modified code, tightened the belts, changed sizes, re-built the drives and the only conclusion i can come to is my materials are not suited to the environment.

R2 weighs at least 45KG+ with battery installed and he struggles to turn. when turning from standstill the belts just slip. 

when going straight or backwards, the belts slip initially (ive also turned down ramping in padawan 360 to a value of 3, any lower and he doesnt move) but once he is up and running he moves and turns fine. i could go in a straight line with sharp or long turns no worries.

so i initially need the torque to get him going, but cant achieve that consistently with the current belt setup.

i could purchase better TPU but here in Australia ninjaflex is just too expensive.

i have decided to tackle this problem by switching him over to a chain and sprocket system. luckily my motors came with a sprocket already, a firm fitting #25 11 tooth sprocket.
so i have decided to purchase the Vex robotics #25 sprocket with the circle hole in the middle on this page https://www.vexrobotics.com/25-sprockets.html its part number 217-2664. the image may show the incorrect part here.

this gives me enough room to fit the chain, and enough holes to bolt it to the wheel. i may print another motor gear wheel with a lower Z size to act as a spacer to line it up with the motor sprocket. I think this will work and should eliminate all my current slipping woes. also its cheaper than buying ninjaflex, which i have no guarantee of being able to print successfully in the first place.

any suggestions, correction are welcome. Smile

Actually, This part may work better 217-2638 as the outer pitch diameter exceeds the drive wheel gear, whilst still inside the drive wheel diameter. this allows me to use the Z shortened Drive wheel gear as a spacer and something to firmly attach the sprocket too.

oh the joys of converting inches to mm and back Tongue damn Imperial, HOW DO U DO THIS IN THE US!!! the vex website is full of inches, feet and mm measurements!?!??! SmileSmile

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Big Grin Hello From jlhR2!
Posted by: jlhR2 - 11-29-2018, 08:57 PM - Forum: New Members - Replies (4)

Hello Friends,

Most of you hopefully know me from the other forums, but it is me... James 'S'panky.

Brief history, I joined the R2Builders group in 1999 just after seeing the Jongsma brothers home made R2 at Celebration 1 in Denver, CO.  I joined when there was only 30 members at the time.  I have built two R2's with the first being wood, styrene, resin, home made bicycle chain geared head rotation system and of course the original D&D spun domes.

I decided to scrap and sell off all of R2 one when our club grew in 2002.  We started developing our own CAD files for parts and started making the first Aluminum parts (now known as the Legacy parts).  I built most of my second from legacy parts and even designed some of my own to complete my build.

I attended Star Wars Celebration 3 and brought my R2 (with my original R2 head and my R3 head).  Pretty much after C3 I shut down and R2 was a nice corner conversation piece.  I have always lurked in the shadows over at Astromech.net but haven't done much.

This last March/April I attended Wonder-Con in Anaheim, CA and ran into OLD friends from C3 and met new ones.  And I worked the table as I once did years ago at C2 & C3, but as I hung out with long lost friends and seen the public... I realized I wanted to get back into R2.

Well I ended up starting what was supposed to be an upgrade build to my existing R2, and now I am 9/10 of parts collected for R2-D2v3.  So yes!!!  Now on to why I joined this group.  I have been a Patron of Michael Baddeley, and now I have seen the awesome files that Martin has been doing for 2-3-2 and battery boxes.  I also would like to build a chopper and my very next build (as I already bought the frame and some of the Cary V1 drive system).

Feel free to contact me, I love to talk apparently.

James 'S'

[Image: Img_3164.jpg]

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Posted by: mpatsos - 11-27-2018, 06:32 PM - Forum: New Members - Replies (2)

Thank you so much for letting me into this build club! I've already started printing out the R2 dome and its changing my life lol!! Anyway I live in the high desert of California (Apple Valley) I have an upgraded Printrbot simple which turned out to be a work horse. I'm looking forward building my R2 unit along with everybody here, Thanks again!

Marco Patsos

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  R2D2 is Mobile!!
Posted by: Luc - 11-27-2018, 11:54 AM - Forum: Luc - Replies (5)

Got the drives installed today, 24v 150watt motors from dimension engineering.
Only running at 12v atm, as i need to purchase a second battery
currently running on 1 12v 18ah battery

Some belt slippage but i think i can reduce this by reprinting the belts so they are a little tighter.

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  Painting with Gold
Posted by: phul007 - 11-14-2018, 09:40 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (2)

Tried some DULUX bright gold the other day and was very impressed with the results.

Still a long way to go but this is my current project.
Painted the face black before two coats of gold.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1344]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1345]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1346]

Print file was purchased, split using meshmixer and printed on two Wanhao i3 plus printers. The head was cut into 8 pieces the other were a lot more.

Still have a lot of work ahead (no punt intended lol) but will look great when finished.

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  Animated Body Panels with a 3rd Marcduino
Posted by: Eebel - 11-12-2018, 12:49 AM - Forum: Eebel - Replies (1)

Here is a bit of a roadmap for those who are interested in adding moving body panels and utility arms.  First off I had to build a mount for the Data Panel door.  I have posted my mod on thingiverse.com.  There is also a mod for the charge bay on this site if you are interested (but I did not do that one, yet).

Since I am using SHADOW-MD for my droid control, I was able to add a Marcduino Master to the body and modify its firmware to respond to custom commands from the SHADOW sketch.  Modifiying the firmware is a bit of a chore for a couple of reasons.  First, you have to install the Eclipse IDE.  Second, you have to modify some fairly advanced realtime C code.  This is not as simple as editing an arduino sketch.

You can get the basics of installing the IDE from Curious Marc's site.  I ending up installing the latest version of the IDE.  However, to get it to install on my MacBook Pro, I had to install the full developer IDE for JAVA.  This step is critical, as if you just have JAVA installed the Eclipse installation will fail.

I based my initial work on the example provided by Maxstang on astromech.net.  Then, I augmented some of the stock dome sequences to include some body movement (scream and faint for example.)  I also added a few body only things, such as utility arm only, gripper activation, interface arm activation, and so on.  I overwrote some of the SHADOW-MD stock commands as I felt some of them were redundant or a little clunky.  For example, to open and close the data panel door, I created a toggle system of pressing the same command twice instead of having one command open the door and having a separate command to close it.

I will tell you that my Marcduino body firmware is a bit of a hack as I created custom servo travel commands for each of the ten body servos.  This was necessary as the door servo for the interface tool needs to run "backwards" from the rest of the servos.  Additionally, some of the servo travels are not the standard 90 degrees.  If anyone out there knows how to persist these custom values on a marcduino so they could be sent from the SHADOW sketch, that is the proper way of implementing this method.

Additionally, I tweaked the dome sketch to compliment the changes I made to the body sequences.  I have posted both below along with my SHADOW-MD sketch.

Here is a short video I shot before I painted the tools and weathered R2.


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.zip   Shadow_MD_DualController_Eebel.zip (Size: 26.27 KB / Downloads: 14)
.zip   EebelDomeMasterMarcduino.zip (Size: 531.74 KB / Downloads: 13)
.zip   EebelBodyMarcduino.zip (Size: 277.84 KB / Downloads: 13)
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