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Full Version: Droid Printer
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It needs a bigger build area, but this is the printer I want for printing droid parts

So you need to buy 3 machines.
The Metal X
The auto wash station
The sintering furnace, (the big one that will take the full build volume of the metal X)

Don't suppose you got a ball park cost or a quote for the setup?

It looks very nice....
I now one French developer in the Inmoov builders group that would love it for the planetary gear sets he's making for the hips of his robot.
Just under $100K - $120K with the furnace. No idea what the consumables cost - only supplied by MarkForged, so I'm sure that's not cheap either.

I guess I could live with this one:


Prints using a carbon fiber infused nylon (and it has a bigger print area). Only $36K ($189 a roll for the filament)
So tis would be perfect if you had a $300,000 budget for your droid...

MMMmmm... metal... (in my best Homer Simpson voice).